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Ferrous Materials

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HMS 1 & 2:

HMS stands for heavy melting scrap, Heavy melting steel (HMS) or heavy melting scrap is broken up into two major categories: HMS 1 and HMS 2, where HMS 1 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel, whereas HMS 2 does. HMS 1 is the term for heavier scrap which has a density of at least 0.7 tons per cubic meter, whereas HMS 2 would be lighter steel scrap such as thin wall tubing, sheet scrap less than 3.2mm thick and so on. HMS is typically traded as a blend of 1 and 2, either a premium blend (80/20) or lower grade mixes (70/30) and (60/40). For example, HMS 1 and 2 (80/20) should consist of HMS 1 and 2 in the ratio of 80% (HMS 1) and 20% (HMS 2).

Used Railway Sleeper

Product Description R50-R60: used long rail steel scrap in compliance with ISRI standard classification R50 (51.67 kg/m), Suitable for re-rolling into bars and shapes. Free from bent and twisted rails, frog, switches, and guard rails, or rails with split rail. These scraps consist of R50-R65 of Rails as R50 (51.67Kg/M Gost-7173-75) and R65 (64.72Kg/M Gost-8165-75)
The Rails shall conform to ISRI CODE R50-R65 and will be Used Rail Steel Scrap Standard section rails. Materials will be, free from Mud, Dust, Fluff, Non-Ferrous inclusion, excessive rust and other impurities. Free from any substance and coatings any organic waste and other harmful substance. Dirt, Dust Rust fluff and other immunity not allowed.

Chemical Composition:

• C: 0.54 – 0.82
• Si: 0.18 – 0.40
• Mn: 0.60 – 1.05
• S: 0.04 max
• P: 0.035 max
• As: 0.01 max of Mass share
• Norms:
• R-50 GOST-7173-75
• R-65 GOST-8165-75
• R50 (51.67 KG/M) GOST 7173-75
• R65 (64.72 KG/M) GOST 8165-75