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Factory Scrap

Old and Sick Factories and Industries are auctioned and sold directly by their owners for dismantling and to collect the valuable scrap metal for recycling. We facilitate the sale and purchase of old factories / industry for dismantling for our buyers. The factory / industry consists of old machinery, tanks, generators, transformers, cranes, weigh machines, chambers, pipes, guarders, angle –channels, panel boards, electric wiring, cables, etc. These all together are dismantled and scrap metal are recovered for recycling. The scrap metal is sorted out as per their demand and requirements like , Copper scrap metal, Aluminum scrap metal, Ferrous scrap metal scrap, Cast iron scrap metal etc.
The machinery or equipment which can be reused without dismantling like cranes, weigh bridge, generators, transformers etc are sold as per their present market value. The sale offer for the old / sick factories are made available either direct through owners or through banks. The valuation along with equipment / item lists is provided to buyers for calculation and negotiation. We can assist you in sourcing such factories available for dismantling in India. The quantity of recoverable scrap will be between 3000 MT to 25000 MT or above. The quantity and the scrap metal in factory depend according to the manufacturing capacity of the factory.