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Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the world, and the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. Aluminum contributes to more than 8% of the earth’s core mass. It is a metal with a much lower density than iron, making it a vital material in applications that need strength without weight, such as the aerospace industry. It is corrosion resistant because Aluminum, like stainless steel, reacts to oxidization by creating a metal oxide shell that protects it. Aluminum also has a lower melting point than many of the steels or irons it might replace, which makes it easier to cast than steel, needing less oversight for complex forms. We service clients in Aluminum Ingots and Aluminum Scrap

Product Type: Aluminium Ingots

Material Aluminium
Grade 6062
Weight 1000
Weight (kg) 1000
Color Silver
Shape Rectangle
Anodized Yes
Purity (%) 99 %
Packing Type Packets
Minimum Order Quantity 1000 KG

Aluminium 6063 Extrusion Scrap:


Copper is among the most valuable metals available when it comes to scrap collection and recycling.  With an infinite recyclable life, copper is used and reused in motors, computers, construction, industrial machinery and more. 

Copper Cathode: (Purity 99.99%)

• Item: 99.99% Pure Millberry Copper, 4x8 Copper Sheet
• Material: T1,T2,TP1,TP2,C10100,C10200,C10500,C10700,C11000,C11300 etc
• Material Thickness: 0.1-6 mm
• Width: 1-1000 mm
• Length: 1-12 m or as required.
• Surface: Mill, Mirror, Brush, Hair line, Checkered etc
• Main Purpose: Deep drawing and bending stress components, such as manufacturing pins, rivets, gasket, nuts, conduits, the barometer spring, screen, radiator parts, etc.

Copper Millberry / Wire Scrap (99.95% to 99.99% Purity)

• Wire Diameter: 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm
• Weight: 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 15kg, 20kg
• Purity:99.95% min
• Packaging Details: 50kg per bale , 1000kg per bundle
• Tensile strength: 1000 N/mm2, 900 N/mm2, 500 N/mm2, 450 N/mm2, N/mm2

Copper Wire Scrap (Millberry) 99.78%
Item Standard (%) Results(%)
Purity (%) ≥99.78 99.9
Carbon 0.03 0.03
Cobalt < 0.001 0.0009
Iron 0.005 0.005
Phosphorus < 0.01 0.009
Sulphur < 0.01 0.009
Zinc 0.003 0.003

Brass Scrap:

Brass is an alloy consisting primarily of Copper, usually with Zinc. In some cases, copper with tin is considered a type of brass, although this metal historically has been called bronze. This is a sample common brass alloy’s chemical compositions.


Brass Scrap Chemical Composition
Sl Chemical Composition Purity
1 Copper 60.00
2 Lead 0.35
3 Tin -
4 Iron 0.30
5 Aluminium 2.20
6 Manganese 4.00
7 Nickel -
8 Silicone 1.20
9 Zinc 3.95